Company History

We exist to create and deliver innovative and sustainable solutions for our clients

Hoxana Consulting has substantial experience in a broad spectrum of infrastructure and management delivery in a multi-disciplinary consulting environment. With a collective experience of more than 14 years, our pursuit of excellence is driven by delivering viable and sustainable projects using our combined knowledge, skills, and expertise. Our unique approach is centred around engineering business solutions for our public and private sector clients.


Hoxana Consulting Engineers aims to be one of the leading engineering firm by 2030 that implies its projects life cycle capabilities to optimize clients fixed capital investment by focusing its expertise and capacity on delivering sustainable and fit for purpose projects.


Hoxana Consulting Engineers strives to always maintain sound business relations and high ethical standards all the while also providing sustainable and innovative solutions to the built environment. Professional and timely application of target specific objectives helps Hoxana Consulting Engineers to consistently deliver to the satisfaction of our clientele.


Hoxana consulting Engineers believes in integrating the various development disciplines in a dynamic pro-active and hands-on way. Our primary objective is to fulfil client’s needs in an innovative, effective and holistic approach. All possibilities are explored with a consistent level of scrutiny prior to making any decisions that would affect our clients.

Our Values

Involvement and Initiative

Hoxana Consulting brings people together to achieve common goals and each employee shares in the set goals and takes ownership. We create a positive environment for our employees to realize their full potential so that they reach maximum personal reign and thus ensure the success of the company.


Hoxana Consulting appreciates the dynamic environment it operates in by acknowledging individual differences of both the staff and its clients. Operating in line with this belief we treat all with, trust dignity and respect at all times without any prejudice, bias or pre-judgement.

Honesty and Responsibility

Each one of us at Hoxana Consulting Engineers strives daily to be open, honest & ethically with our customers and with each other. Hoxana Consulting Engineers actively targets to complete its tasks and does not put its financial interest above the interest of the customer.