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We exist to create and deliver innovative and sustainable solutions for our clients.

Hoxana Consulting is a multi-disciplinary consulting firm with substantial experience in a broad spectrum of infrastructure and management professional service delivery. With a collective experience of more than 14 years, our pursuit of excellence is driven by delivering viable and sustainable projects using our combined knowledge, skills, and expertise. Our unique approach is to strive to engineer business solutions for our public and private sector clients.

We provide the full range of Premium Engineering Services

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Water and Sanitation

Hoxana Consulting Engineers believes that access to a secure, safe, and sufficient source of freshwater is fundamental of all humanity and a primary priority of service delivery to the community. We provide clients with unique comprehensive solutions based on our intimate understanding of the water requirements of government, local authorities, mines, and high demand industries.

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Roads and Transportation

At Hoxana Consulting Engineers we have broad experience ranging from design, documentation, and contract administration of roadworks projects all the way through to the implementation and commissioning of roads and other transportation systems e.g. Bus Routes. Our experience helps us to develop solutions that deliver optimum efficiency and long-term design integrity.

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Electrical Engineering

In a global ecosystem where basic services also require adequate production and distribution of energy is essential. Hoxana Consulting Engineers offer a diverse range of electrical engineering infrastructure solutions aided by industry design standards. Our commitment to helping produce future proof and reliable infrastructure has yielded multiple satisfied clients and end user beneficiaries.

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Structural Engineering

Hoxana Consulting Engineers has worked on a wide array of structural engineering projects across the country. The nature of our Structural projects ranging from residential to commercial developments of a high demand. Hoxana Consulting Engineers continually evolves with the architectural aesthetic of the modern world by matching it with detailed, function-specific and stable structural designs.

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Project Management

Hoxana Consulting Engineers believes that successful programmes and projects are founded in client partnerships and a real understanding of their ultimate business objectives. A thorough understanding of the client objectives along with a clear path set out between expectations and the realization of those expectations is a requirement in the successful execution of Project Management Principles.

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Policies and Certificates

Affirmative Action Policy Statement

Hoxana Consulting Engineers recognizes Affirmative Action as an integral part of its business strategy and is constantly looking for way to be more inclusive within the industry while maintaining a high level of professionalism.

Quality Assurance Policy Statement

Hoxana Consulting Engineers has implemented quality management systems with the objective set out in the Quality Policy that governs the behaviour of all of its staff. A copy is displayed throughout our premises as a constant reminder of the businesses policies for both the staff and those we constantly engage with.

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BEE Cerficates

Hoxana Consulting Engineers is a “Black Economic Empowerment” company in terms of the government' s BEE criteria. Hoxana Consulting Engineers 100% black-owned company and proud to be a Level 1 BEE Contributor in terms of the DTI' s Codes of Good Practice.